About Us

Pro-info Consulting UK is a Specialist SAP Consulting Company, with a decade of experience in helping organizations significantly reduce costs and improve effectiveness and efficiency through internal process improvements using SAP products and solutions.

We have consciously focused on the Mid-Market as our area for expertise development. As a result, we are capable of partnering with customers right from first consultation, process analysis, and implementation - to rollouts, ongoing support, maintenance, and upgrades. Our consultants have experiences from domestic as well as international projects.

Ensuring the value of your SAP investment takes more than software. It takes Pro-info Consulting UK -- and the expertise and skill we've gained over the years. With a formidable team, deep domain and technical expertise, and innovative engagement models, Pro-info Consulting UK can provide the depth and breadth of coverage that your business demands. As a result, Pro-info Consulting UK is a valued member of the SAP ecosystem.

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